Pleco Chinese Dictionary (CN) Customer Reviews:


S3. Living in china

This app is great I just wish the add on of taking a picture of a symbol was free. Some of the translations are a little off so my students tell me But I couldnt get by without it.


love it!

this is the best chinese dictionary ever!


it's amazing. very useful and easy to use.. everything is nicely explained in an understandable way. appreciate

The best Chinese dictionary

Effective, innovative, fun way to learn chinese...

the best APP for medium to advance chinese learners!... make sure to download their free audio voices and enable automatic popup pronunciation... and thank you Pleco for protecting our eyes with night mode.


Nice it help me to write story

Best chinese english dictionary

Nice and cool

Simply the best apps for Chinese dictionary! There are plenty features which really great and helpful, not only works as dictionary, but also for learning Chinese or improve the language skill you have. Thanks a lot for the good work, really appreacite it!

Cool app!

This is one of my favorite app ever! Coz I live in china, I just cant get enough using this app all day long. It shows you the example sentences also complete with the pronunciation. Enjoy!

Great App!

5 stars if there is an accompanying Cantonese pronunciation update?

For studing chinese its the best app ever made.

Best Chinese dictionary by far!

Good for me I am in china becoming doctor

Great app and first class support!

Great app!

Works perfect on my Samsung Galx N2 / Android v4.3. Wish I could have the stroke order though...

Excellent app

It's a very good and useful app




so good


not bad

Bintang 5!!!





It's amazing software.but only problem is that ocr if it was available for free it'll be outstanding....

Best EN/CN Dictionary



我是美国人 我西黄这个词典 谢谢 你们。


Should hav told tht these wprds are Verb, Adjective,Adverb,Noun etc. Above all its a great app

Great Tool

Use almost everyday. Tried many others, still like thia the best.Highly recommended from beginners to advanced. Juat wish the add ons can be more econimical.


Not perfect, but definitely one of the best on the market. Sometimes it prioritizes partial spellings above full ones

Good Application

I always used to translate Chinese words from Pleco and Always reccomand for others...

Good, but Room to improve

Admittedly Pleco is so far the best Chinese dictionary app I've found on android. I especially like the example sentences. But I'd improve the flashcards. They are not "smart" like apples KT dictionary. KT dictionary had an algorithm that remembered the wrong vocabulary and tested them again at the end. Repeatedly wrong words would also more frequently reappear in future tests.


Usually always right

Simply the best

Even as an advanced studier of Chinese, this app is beyond comparison. The grammar explinations are thorough and well-exemplified, the flashcards (inc. HSK all levels) are very useful and act as a good way to store new words, the system is contantly updated to allow for the language's contant evolution (坑爹 is a good example), the handwriting system is also superb and versatile. There is a little room for improvement but for a free app, this is inrivalled. If you study Chinese, download this now.


very good at chinese

the best

the best



Incredibly useful

给力! I live in Shanghai and use this application almost every day. It has really helped me in my Chinese learning journey. It has excellent functionality and it's free to boot. The handwriting recognition in particular works extremely well, especially with the stylus on my Galaxy Note. Highly recommended for anyone studying Chinese at any level.


HF ghhghg


The best Chinese dictionary by far on any mobile platform. If you're learning Chinese or living in China, this should be a required download. Good UI, fast, lots of plugins and extra dictionaries. Fantastic work by the devs.

The best

There is no similar alternative. You are doing really well. I hope that there will be some thing like popularity rating and translation of sentence soon